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A glimpse into the creative world of an artist from the Dirty South...

Who fell in love with the hungry forests at the Edge of the World.


        Life at the edge of the world is pretty dreamy.  It's a fantastic place in the northwest with wet prehistoric salamanders and giant smelly skunk cabbage in cool rain forests of tall Doug Fir.  Perhaps I was just enthralled with the difference of environment when I came here from the dirty south, where durable cypress trees are growing out of dark swamp water and 8-foot alligators spark fear in the minds of tubers who have been purposely flung off the safety of their floating rubber donuts for a hearty Cajun laugh (thank you Uncle Gordon).  I know for sure, I came here when I saw a map of how little the state of Oregon had cell phone coverage, which to me meant it must still be pretty wild.  So I traded in the alphabet of hurricanes i lived through and the cleverly-human pigeons of the french quarter for a land of organically grown everything and craft beer heaven.  I really do miss jambalaya and crawfish boils, jazz wafting into the streets, and the old shotgun houses that were once so affordable.

        My middle name is part of a matrilineal heritage that is a Sicilian custom on one side of my family, and oddly enough, my Italian grandmother's family name was Rosetta.  Other than that, I received half French heritage.  My Cajun French grandmother did some great work on our genealogy, and I can say that I come from Canadian fur-trappers, Civil War fighters, and Inventors and farmers of the Deep South who first migrated in the 1600's.  A second language was spoken through my great-grandparents' generation on both sides of my family. Sometimes I wish I had some of that knowledge, but I believe that one day in the pursuit of creativity and history I will visit the places of my ancestors and feel their feeling of home.


        My formal training in studio arts comprises of 5.5 years in a versatile set of BA studies which were spent developing a print-maker's eye, illustrating attentively from life and imagination, and appreciating the darkroom aspects of photography.  The University of New Orleans, The University of Oregon, and The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts have contributed vital resources and studios in which i built the foundation of my adult arts education.  I have been pursuing illustration as a "side" passion since childhood, and a design award offered to me in my sophomore year of college both surprised and inspired me in new directions within my ability to shape ideas for numerous surfaces, materials, and objects.  I have also been honored to accept invitations as a speaker on the arts at the University of Oregon and Lane Community College, as well as a few scholarships.


        I suppose being a borderline Introvert-Extrovert tends to make me think you get what I'm putting down, just letting the imagery speak for itself, but really, I should share this in writing.  So here i am on the Oregon Coast, living and working for the sake of making human connections and being inspired by the daily beauty and grime that surround me.  The personal connections I make along the way, as well as the new experiences of "place" usually inspire more questions that prod my research into the history, geology, and current events of our region.  This cycle of curiosity and exploration keeps me engaged with the creation of new imagery.  I enjoy working alone, but it is a bonus when other girls ask to come on my explorations of rural beauty or take hikes.  I feel rewarded to inspire such healthy choices in my peers.

         I mostly work in the medium of Digital Photography, shooting natural landscapes and Epic objects that reflect history and human society in them.  When I am free enough to unwind, I still draw in a sketchbook, and paintings are often informed by the same imagery you see in my illustrations.  I often keep surface shapes in mind of where my work will go when creating new images, to later incorporate them into product design so that art can be appreciated on a functional level in our everyday street lives. 

        I believe that by moving art beyond the walls and into our daily routines, the image itself becomes more prevalent and influential as it becomes more visible.  I want my creative work to inspire healthy treks, fun journeys, as well as brightened moods on grey Pacific Northwest days.  Testament to this fact is that I have heard some of my art fans tell me they actually get in their cars and drive to find the places in my photographs!  I'm totally honored by that.

        Aligned with my efforts at finding natural beauty is a sense of conserving it as well.  I tend to recycle whatever I can and re-use materials in my studio while making goods.  As a result of my explorations, I feel compelled to support the following organizations in their efforts to preserve and renew the beauty of the earth after disaster or politics strike yet again: Ocean Conservancy, National Parks Conservation Association, and Wildlife Center of the North Coast.  I just like what they do in the Gulf (my old home) and Cascadia (my new home range).  You can support too with as little as $25 per year.


        I am available for commissions, collaborations, wholesale opportunities, Photography, and projects in the Northwest. Please write me on the Contact page if you have some ideas!


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