BOLT Coffee Bar in Gearhart and Cannon Beach Art Gallery

Well when they say put yourself out there... I got as much as I can handle, and more keeps coming just as soon as I push another project or show to completion. This is really an amazing process, and I know the flow will happen in its own way... I hope I can handle it and still find time to cook and sleep!


Yesterday, I hung a show at the new BOLT Coffee Bar in Gearhart. This spot is a quick and easy stop for a road adventure coffee, located on Highway 101 near Pacific Way. The owner, John, has had a passion for owning small businesses, and this coffee bar is his new venture. He serves Oregon coffee (with s'mores additions!) and has a wall of my wood photo panels on display. There are some larger prints framed in decorative pine, too!

The show will run for several months, and plan on a fun gathering for a grand opening later in the summer!

Farther down the coast, Cannon Beach Art Gallery at 1064 S. Hemlock Avenue is now carrying several of my smaller wall and tabletop 5 x 5 mini wood panel photos. This is where you will find the Haystack Rock photo, of course! You know... that gorgeous sea stack over 15 million years old that everyone checks out for nesting puffins on top and the tide pools around its base.


Stay tuned for future adventures and new art prints that will become available! My shop is always open at



Blog ATTACK! J/K, It's a good thing!

When I released my website last October, I was interviewed for a blog by the domain registrar company I use called Rightside Co., whose offices are in Seattle, Austin, Denver, and Dublin, Ireland (coolness!).

They asked me why I chose .rocks instead of .com (duh, because it is way more fun!), and they interrogated me all about my process of creating art (really, it wasn't bad at all).

Read the whole interview here: My Side of the Dot

at the G Spot Gallery, my first show in Oregon, 2008

at the G Spot Gallery, my first show in Oregon, 2008

Buoy Beer Co. tote bag release from designer Kim Rose Adams

The new tote bags have arrived! Check out Buoy Beer's merchandise website at very soon to be able to purchase one of the bags I designed for them. Also, they will be for sale right in the brewery so you can stumble away happy with a memento in your arms.

Each 16" x 16" bag has the Buoy logo on both sides paired with my photo of a silhouetted pier on the Columbia River. These are durable and washable - but enough already, just watch the video! Stay tuned for more great things!! Go get some functional art.

I love you, Astoria.