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A southern hurricane gave me the push to leave home during college and explore parts of the world I knew existed from beautiful photographs. Gaining photography skills gives me the desire to tell stories of where I have traveled, and having a camera gives me great courage to go forth and engage with the world. I am driven by a taste for adventure and challenges and regularly take on new skills to get around waterways on boats, hiking trails with gear, and driving ATVs through desert sands. I am an architectural painter, that includes boats and houses… this helps pay the bills along the way before I can publish my photos for commission. I prefer to arrange my own solo journeys and engage with local communities on the street level while making new aquaintances, keeping myself free to let a story or experience unfold around a few goals and chosen locales. The back roads and natural trails are where I feel at peace with life, and strangers speaking other tongues soon become friends.


        I am available for commissions, collaborations, wholesale opportunities, photography work, and creative travel projects in the Pacific Northwest and around the world. Please write me on the Contact page if you have some ideas!

Astoria, Oregon 97103