Industrial Photography

From ocean to forest, the Pacific Northwest is a provider not only to our region, but to the world. Exports of lumber and seafood make it to near and distant places from the bounty that is reaped and brought into this special county, which is surrounded by water on two sides. Its land is comprised of 94% forest.

So with all this abundance, why not share? Unfortunately, this means taking so much so fast that biodiversity had been affected before any deep understanding of it was developed through scientific research. Our Northwest environment is disrupted from its natural state… leaving it vulnerable to attack from invasive species and the pollution our own species leaves behind. Is this the price we have to pay to thrive on the earth’s resources, or is there a more sustainable way to practice industry that benefits more people and respects the earth? I hope the policy-makers keep trying to solve this, as more people need more natural resources to sustain life.